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SaveLite – Do it Yourself LED bulb kit

complete kit with PBT body, LED modules and electronic components to assemble LED bulb of 5 watt. Necessary electrical components like PCB, resistors, capacitors, LED, covering case & soldering tools are included with the Raw material for 22 bulbs along with a easy Training Video.

SaveLite – Do it Yourself LED Tubelight kit

These DIY Savelite Kits contain raw materials for 10 Tubelights, soldering iron and wires. LED Tubelight Features include, Instant start, No flicker, Low work temp, Low power consumption, Aluminum Die Cast Body Fixture - Eliminates Problem of Rusting, Bug Free Light - UV Free LED Light – Eliminating Bug problems – Reduces frequent glass cleaning expenses. They are CE Marking Approved as per European Standards with an Expected Life: 50000 hours. LED Tube Light kits are of outstanding performance and quality.

SaveLite – Do it Yourself LED repair Kit

This Led Repair Kit consists of a high quality 9 pin crimping tool, raw materials for 100 bulbs (B22 caps, resistors, capacitors) along with soldering Iron, multimeter, wires and other small tools.

Micro Manufacturing Unit for LED bulbs & Tubelights- Pro & Basic

This Micro Manufacturing Unit, MMU is aimed to create communities that will be self-dependent and generate employment and revenue. These MMU`s are easy to install production lines with a capacity of 6/7 or 8/10 people working at a time to produce quality LED Lighting solutions.

These manufacturing units envisage having necessary tools, jigs and fixtures and being well equipped for its current manufacturing needs keeping in mind its future growth aspects as well as an efficient assembly line. They can be set-up in small area of 400-500 sq feet with minimum prerequisites. These can be customized based on the requirement in two options of Pro & basic MMUs.

Other products for MMU are: LED Tube-lights and LED Panels.

MobKit- Mobile repair Kit

The rapid growth of mobile telephony in India ranks inarguably as one of India’s greatest success stories. Cheap telephone connectivity has empowered individuals in myriad ways, and has served as a massive productivity multiplier for the economy. Thus, Mobile phone repair has become very sought after in the villages and semi-urban areas. Unlike in big cities, ethic of repairing and fixing everything is still the more popular and wise approach in villages.

With these units the entreprenurer can learn, train and repair mobile phones easily. The Kit can be used to skill youth in how to repair mobile phones as well as repair the mobile phones for the community. As this in an electronic kit with fragile items we have decided to only send them via Speed post.

KickStart - Two-Wheeler repair workshop and training

The two wheeler market is rapidly moving from two stroke to four stroke motorcycles. These high performance vehicles require specialized service and maintenance. The limited number of franchised workshops is unable to cater to this rapidly growing vehicle segment. By getting their bikes serviced at KickStart, consumers have the confidence that they are getting the best service their bike can get.

PractiDesk will help the VLE in getting the branding for each year with one of the Original Equipment supplier for 2 wheeler Motor vehicles e.g. Gulf Oil, Reliance Petrochemicals, TVS Motors, Castrol, and Bosch etc.

About PractiDesk

PractiDesk Provides, state of the art, turnkey solutions and products in the field of science and technology for education, training and self-reliance in Industrial environments.

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