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FloZorb – Mini Manufacturing Plant for Sanitary Napkins

Women in India face challenges most people never will. In a society where by law women have equal rights to men, it often doesn’t seem that way. Women and young girls can face unchecked discrimination and violence along with substandard living and hygiene conditions.

“Adha samay toh paani laane mein lag jata hai, fir majdoori bhi karo. Hamne toh garbhvati avastha mein bhi majdoori ki hai. Maahvaari ke samay dard itna hota hai ki ghar aakar pehle apne aap ko sekte hain, fir khana banaate hain.”

Hygiene is very important during menstruation. Clean and dry feminine hygiene products should be available to girls and women in all geographies. The sanitary napkins available in the market are sometimes unaffordable. This easy to install assembly line not only provides the community affordable female hygiene products but also gives livelihood and opportunity for growth to the village entrepreneur.

Such Units which are producing products for women hygiene, give equal employment opportunity to women. Napkin making is a skill which can be learnt without any or little educational background. Even illiterate women can work at this unit

This is an easy to set-up, Semi-automatic & manual process production line with modular manufacturing unit which is easy to maintain. The unit by employing 7/8 people can produce 1500-200 napkins per day. Only as low as 20% of the manufacturing process needs electricity.

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